About Bret Sepulveda

I am an artist and programmer living in the Puget Sound area. My main interest is game design but I also draw, write, and compose music. Professionally I work on Chromium, so expect some oddball highly technical posts. This blog is my writing and does not reflect the views of my employer.

About My Other Work

Follow me on twitter or on mastodon for updates, and feel free to send me questions and comments.

You can find my latest games at bret.itch.io. My older games can be found at bretsepulveda.com.

You can find my music on Soundcloud.

About This Site

This site is very very very dot org. The code and design is all done myself. The body font is Crimson Text, the post titles are in Arimo, the blog title and sidebar are in Rubik, and the code font is Inconsolata. The fairy's name is Very.